About Jf Construction Lake Oswego Oregon

JF Construction is committed to providing service and support from pre-construction to post-construction. We provide a wide array of services.


Our pre-construction consulting is the first phase of a construction project. It requires focused attention to detail in the early planning and development to create a strong foundation for the next phase of the project. To create this strong foundation we work closely with project architects and consultants to find cost saving methods to reduce costs and set the stage for a successful future.


Find us integrated into every aspect of your project from beginning to end to ensure each detail is executed perfectly. We have the experience working with a diverse portfolio of contractors to know how to effectively communicate our vision to be done right the first time around.


From JF Construction’s combined experience of working and reworking projects, we have developed the skill set of producing the most efficient construction projects. Looking into our past you will find a track record of competent projects that are build with top quality standards while being the most cost effective in it’s design.


We are committed to keeping strong relationships with our customers. We do this through open communication lines even after the construction site has long been cleaned up and gone away. To keep this commitment to you we have provided a warranty claim for your use. We promise a timely investigation and reaction to your claim.


We know a well-oiled construction site uses all precautions to create a safe environment for everyone to work at their highest capacity. This is why JF Construction performs regular safety inspections as well as working with industry renowned safety consultants who are knowledgeable on the latest state safety standards, to keep our sites as safe as possible.


We work in some of the most sustainable states in the country. Using top of the line products and designs is required to keep up with the ever-evolving sustainable movement to conserve natural resources and reduce a buildings impact on the environment. Through continuous education by our suppliers, and ourselves we are always improving on our energy impact on the world.


We have the experience to go into an unfinished project and take it under our supervision to not only complete but improve upon. Our goal is to make each and every project as efficient as possible. We do this through our strong relationships with suppliers and experience in morphing any project into our own.